G7101; Tomb of Khufukhaf

floor plan; G7140

Khufukhaf I (also called Khafkhufu by some) was a priest from the reign of Khufu who is thought to have been the son of Khufu and Queen Henutsen. His tomb sits east of the pyramid of Queen Henutsen near the Great Pyramid complex. Some commentators consider that Khufukhaf became the pharaoh Khafre.

Khufukhaf and his wife; from http://www.gizapyramids.org

The mastaba is the southern chapel (G 7140) of the double-mastaba G 7130-40(the northern chapel, G 7130, is that of his wife Nefretkau). The entrance is from the east through the mastaba doorway to the vestibule The only decorated part of the vestibule is the western wall from which a corridor leads to the main chamber. On either side of the door in the vestibule there are two large representations of the deceased with his mother and son. The main chamber walls are covered with depictions of the deceased and his family receiving offerings.

Archaeologists also found tiny model beer jugs (carved with the same offering spells that are inscribed on the walls) as well as real beer jugs. The door to the burial chamber is beautifully carved, but the burial chamber itself is undecorated. Some scholars suggest it dates to an earlier period.

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