Merenre I

Merenre (beloved of Re) ruled Ancient Egypt duirng the sixth dynasty of the Old Kingdom. He was the oldest son of Pepi I and Ankhnesmerire.Manetho estimates his reign at only 7 years, but in this time he conducted military compaigns in Nubia (to gain access to the granite quarries Aswan and Ibhat and the alabaster quarries at Hat-Nub) and the land of Jam (Sudan). He also sent officials to maintain Egyptian rule as far as the third cartaract of the Nile and maintained trade with Byblos.

Rock inscription near Aswan showing king Merenra I receiving the submission of the lower Nubian rulers from Archibald Henry Sayce: Gleanings from the land of Egypt 1893

Merenre married Ankhnesmerire II, his father's widow and his mother's sister, making her his stepmother, queen and aunt! To further complicate matters, he had two daughters Ankhnesmerire III and Iput II. The former married Pepi II (Merenre´s successor and half-brother) making her his wife, niece and half-sister. Jerry Springer would have had a field day!

He is sometimes known by his birth name (Nemtyemsaf, "Nemty is his protection"). He probably planned a pyramid in Saqqara, but as he died young, it was not completed. The location of his burial is not confirmed, but it is suggested that his mummy may be one of the cache of pre-dyastic and old kingdom mummies discovered in Hierakonopolis.

Pharaoh's Names

Horus Name

Hr anh haw (Horus Ankhkhaw) - Horus Living Of Apparitions

Nebti Name

nbti anh haw (Nebti Ankhkhaw) - The Two Ladies Living Of Apparitions

Golden Horus Name

bik wy nbw(wy) (Bikwi-Nebw) - Two Golden Falcons


mr n ra (Merenre) - Beloved Of Re (Abydos kings list)


nmty m sA=f (Nemtiemsaf) - Nemty Is His Protection (Saqqara kings list)

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