Merenre II

Merenre II ("beloved of Re") ruled Ancient Egypt duirng the sixth dynasty of the Old Kingdom. He was a son of Pepi II and queen Neith (daughter of Pepi I and Ankenesmerire I). The Turin Canon credits him with a little over a year on the throne, and Manetho agrees. It seems likely that he was a very old man when he became king as his father had a very long reign. However, according to Herodotus, Merenre was murdered, forcing his queen, Nitocris, to take revenge before committing suicide.

His name appears on a damaged false door inscribed with Sa-nesu semsu Nemtyemsaf ("The elder king's son Nemtyemsaf" - i.e before he became king) near the pyramid of Neith. His name as a king also appears on a decree protecting the cult of queens Ankhesenmerire and Neith, also from pyramid complex of Neith in Southern Saqqara.

Pharaoh's Names


nmty m sA=f (Nemtiemsaf) - Nemty Is His Protection

Nomen and Prenomen

mryn ra DfA m sAf (Merenre Djefaemsaf) - Beloved of Re, Djefa is his protection (Abydos kings list)

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