The name of the second dynasty Pharaoh Sendji (Sened) appears in the Abydos kings list, the Saqqara Kings List, the Turin list and is referred to in a private tomb (belonging to the funerary priest Shery) in Saqqara. However there is no contemporary evidence of his rule of Ancient Egypt. Some scholars suggest that he was in fact Weneg, or Sekhemhib (Seth-Peribsen) while other scholars suggest that he ruled an area of Lower (northern) Egypt at the same time as Sekhemhib (Seth-Peribsen). Despite the lack of evidence of his reign, Manetho states that he held the throne for 41 years.


Sendji's Nomen 'Sendj'
Nomen; Sendj
Sendji's Nomen 'Nesu Sendj'
Nomen; Nesu Sendj
Sendji's Nomen 'Sendji' from the Abydos kings list
Nomen; Sendji (from the Abydos kings list)
Sendji's Nomen 'Sendj'  from the Saqqara list
Nomen; Sendj (from the Turin list and the Saqqara Kings List)
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