Little is known about the life of Shepseskare ("noble is the soul of Re") of the fifth dynasty of ancient Egypt. Manetho knew him as "Sisires", but has little to say about him. He may have been the brother of Sahure and Neferirkare who suceeded to the throne as Neferirkare´s children Neferefre and Nuiserre were not yet old enough to rule.

We cannot be certain whether he built a pyramid or a solar-temple, but some ascribe the unfinished pyramid at Abusir to him. The Turin Kings list ascribes him a 7 year rule, but seal impressions found at Abusir are about the only solid evidence that he existed at all. Although he is referred to as the Pharaoh who preceeded Neferefre in the Saqqara list, seal Impressions bearing The pharaoh´s Horus Name (Sekhemkhau) were found in the oldest part of Neferefre´s mortuary temple, leading some to argue that he actually succeeded Neferefre.


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