Ancient Egyptian Festival Calendar: Peret

Akhet Peret Shemu


hieroglyphs; Peret

Peret (proyet - emergence or growth) was the second season in the ancient Egyptian calendar. The soil on the banks of the Nile was still very damp from the inundation and the fields were in the perfect condition for planting crops.

5; Sf-bdt (Ta-aabet, Tybi, Tobi)

month; Tybi

Day Festival
1 or 12 festival of Nehebkau ( a.k.a Beginning of Eternity)
13 fAt aHt - "raising the field"
20 sailing of Wadjet
29 sailing of Bast
29 festival of Raising the Willow
30 sailing of Sekhmet / Mut

6; rh-wr (Mekhir, Meshir, Amshir )

month; Tybi

Day Festival
1 sailing of Anubis
10 Going Forth of Wadjet singing in Heliopolis
14Hb skr sTA skr - two day festival known as "dragging Sokar"
15a festival known as Abd (month)
16 a festival known as mddnt (half-month)
30 a festival over several days known as "Amun in the festival of raising heaven"

7; rh- nds (Paremhat, Baramhat, Paenamenhotep, Phamenoth)

month; Phamenoth

Day Festival
1 festival of Ptah
17 hnt nt tA "sailing of the land"
21 festival of Amenhotep I
29 four day festival of Amenhotep I in Deir el-Medina

8; rnwt (Pharmuthi, Paremoude, Barmouda)

month; Pharmuthi

Day Festival
4 festival of Bast (known as the day of chewing onions for Bast)
5 sailing of Bast
25 harvest festival to Renenutet
27 granary offering to Renenutet

Ancient Egyptian Calendar Akhet Shemu

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