Ancient Egyptian Festival Calendar: Shemu

Akhet Peret Shemu


hieroglyphs; Shemu

Shemu (shomu - low water, harvest) was the third season in the ancient Egyptian calendar. It was the harvest season.

9; hnsw (Pa-khonsu, Pakhon)

month; Pakhon

Day Festival
1 festival of Renenutet (and the birthday of Nepri -personification of grain)
10 festival of Anubis
11festival of Min a 4-day festival
18mddnt (half-month)

10; hnty-hty (Paeninet, Paoni, Payni)

month; Payni

Day Festival
New moonfestival of the valley
7 Feast of Wadjet
19 Hb HqA anx wDA snb 'festival of the ruler may he live, be healthy and well'

11; iput-hmt (Epip Epiph)

month; Epiph

Day Festival
15Hapy and Amun to secure a good flood (known from Dynasty 19 rock inscriptions at Gebel el-Silsila)
30 eve of the Hathor festival at Thebes

12; Wpt-rnpt (Mesut-Ra, Mesori)

month; Epiph

Day Festival
2Ipip festival, isis(Late Period)
8 Summer solstice: ceremony of Wadjet
24festival of Ptah (local?), according to a rough inscription on a Middle Kingdom pyramid
30eve of start of year

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