Montuhotep Tepy-a (Montuhotep I)

Montuhotep Tepy-a (Montuhotep I, Montjuhotep I, Mentuhotep I) ("Montu is satisfied") was a nomarch of Thebes during the Eleventh Dynasty (at the end of the First Intermediate Period and the beginning of the Middle Kingdom). He was the son of another nomarch of Thebes known as "Intef the Great, son of Iku", whose name was recorded in several contemporary inscriptions. His name means "Montu is satisfied". His Horus name was "Tepy-a" (meaning "The ancestor") and was only added to his name after his death.

Although he is frequently recorded as the first ruler of the Eleventh Dynasty he is also regularly omitted from the Kings lists because he was not a pharaoh. As a result he can be confused with Montuhotep Nebhetepre (Montuhotep II) who is sometimes called Montuhotep I. His name is recorded in the "Hall of Ancestors" at Karnak (constructed by Thuthmosis III) but he is not listed as a pharaoh on the lists of Abydos or Saqqara but there are a number of gaps in the Turin List so it is possible he was recorded there.He was given the title "itf nTr.w" (father of the god) indicating that although he was the father of a pharaoh, he was not considered to be a pharaoh himself.

Little is known about his rule. He built a temple to Montu at Tod (known as Djerty by the Egyptians and Tuphium by the Greeks) near Luxor. Unfortunately, nothing remains of this monument. It is likely that he was the father of Intef Sehertawyv (Intef I) who is also regularly listed as the first member of the Twelth Dynasty.

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