Prince Ankhhaf (Ankhaf)

Ankhaf copyright Keith Schengili-Roberts

Ankhhaf (Ankhaf) was the son of Sneferu by an unknown wife. Although he was given the title the "eldest king's son of his body" it was his half-brother Khufu who succeeded their father as pharaoh. Ankhaf instead held a number of important official roles including Vizier and "overseer of all the King's works" for his brother Khafre, and "great one of Five of the house of Thoth".

He married his half-sister Hetepheres A, daughter of Sneferu and Queen Hetepheres I but we do not know if they had any children.

Ankhaf was buried in the largest mastaba in the eastern cemetery of Giza in mastaba G7510. A beautifully painted limestone bust of Ankhaf was found in this tomb. It is generally agreed to be the work of a master craftsman and is one of the finest pieces from the period.

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