an alternate spelling found on a fragment in the complex of Djoser

Sneferka is thought to be one of the successors of Qa´a, but little is known about his rule. His name appears on an inscription on pottery found in the tomb of Merka, a high official during the reign of Qa´a, in Saqqara. Also a schist vessel found in one of the galleries of Djoser´s Step Pyramid had Sneferka´s serekh inscribed over that of another king, thought to be Qa´a.

The name of Sneferka found on a fragment in the complex of Djoser

However, one of the serekhs found in Saqqara did not have a falcon or a seth animal on top of it, prompting some to suggest that Sneferka was a Queen, and not a king. This may be supported by reading the name as "Nefer-ka-s" and comparing it with the name of one of Djoser´s daughters - "Int-Ka-s".

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