Ancient Kings Lists

Den's kings list Dreyer, Ein Siegel der frühzeitlichen Königsnekropole von Abydos 1987 p33-43 fig. 3


This seal impression from the Tomb T (Abydos Umm el Qaab) was thought to belong to the pharaoh Den, of the first dynasty. The list records that Narmer was the founder of the first Dynasty, and was followed by Aha, Djer, Djet, and Den and Mereneith (given the title King’s Mother).

Qa'a's kings list Dreyer et al Umm el-Qaab, Nachuntersuchungen im frühzeitlichen Königsfriedhof 1996, p. 72, fig. 26

A second list was found on a seal impression in Tomb Q (Abydos Umm el Qaab), thought to belong to the pharaoh Qa´a. This list also suggests that Narmer founded the dynasty, and confirms that he was followed by Aha, Djer, Djet, Den, Anedjib, Semerkhet and Qa´a. Kings are given in reverse order.

These two kings lists are important because, unlike many others, they are relatively contemporary and they largely agree on the order of the kings. The inclusion of Mereneith, along with the title King’s Mother, supports the assertion that she acted as a regent for Den, although it is notable that she is named after him (perhaps confirming his primary position) and she is not included in the list from Tomb Q. It is also notable that there is no mention of Neithhotep (also considered by some to have acted as a regent) on either list.

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