Anput (Input) was the wife of Anubis, the mother of Kebechet (the goddess of purification) and the personification of the seventeenth nome of Upper Egypt.

Her name is merely the female version of the name of her husband, Anubis (“t” is the feminine ending and Anubis was known as Anpu or Inpu to the Egyptians).

Unlike her husband, she did not have a prominent role in Egyptian mythology. When she is referenced, it is usually in her role as the representative of the nome. Probably the most notable example is that of the triad of Menkaure, Hathor and Anput.

She was depicted as a woman wearing a standard topped by a jackal, or as a large black dog or jackal. She was occasionally depicted as a woman with the head of a jackal, but this is very rare.


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Input (Anput)
Inpwt (Anput)
Menkaure, Hathor and Anput
Menkaure, Hathor and Anput @Nefermaat CC ASA 2.5