The Amarna Letters; Burnaburiash of Babylon

EA7; From Burnaburiash, Great King, king of Karaduniash (Babylon) to Napkhururia (Akhenaten)

To Napkhururia , Great King, king of Egypt, thus speaks Burnaburiash, Great King, king of Karaduniash, your brother. I and my house, my horses and my chariots, my notables and my land, we are well. May well-being reign over my brother and his house, his horses and his cars, his notables and his land.

From the day on which the envoy of my brother arrived before me, my body has not been well, and his envoy has never eaten or drunk before me. See, if you question your envoy, he cannot tell you that my body is not well, and … And as my body is not well and my brother …

I vented my anger with my brother with the following words: Should my brother not know that I am ill? Why has he not supported my head? Why has he not worried and sent his messengers?

The envoy of my brother has spoken thus: The way is not short, so that your brother can find out and send you greetings. The passage is long to your brother. Who can inform him, so that he sends a greeting to you quickly?

He next spoke thus: Question your messenger if the passage is not long…

As I asked my messenger, and he said that the way was long, no longer make I my brother the object of my anger.

As one has said that in the land of my brother there is everything, and that my brother lacks nothing, of everything there is also in my land, and I lack nothing. For a long time we have had good relations between us kings, and we exchange greetings. These relations between us must remain…

Only, four mines of beautiful lapis lazuli have I sent to my brother as a gift, and also five teams of horses. When the times are good, I will send with my future messengers many beautiful gifts, and anything that my brother wishes, he can write …

I have started an undertaking, and for this reason I write to my brother. My brother should send me much gold, that I need for my work. But the gold that my brother sends me, do not leave it to some official. Let the eyes of my brother inspect it, and let my brother seal it and send it! Because as far as the previous gold is concerned, which my brother did not inspect personally, but which was sealed and sent by an official of my brother, of the 40 mines which I put in the furnace, there was barely anything of value left.

And with regards to Salmu, my envoy, twice has his caravan been plundered. Once it was plundered by Biriazama, and his other caravan by Pamahu, a governor of a land that belongs to you. And this matter, my brother, you must put right! When my envoy appears before my brother, then let also appear Salmu. His … has to be returned to him, and the damages have to be made good.

EA8; From Burnaburiash, king of Karaduniash (Babylon) to Napkhururia (Akhenaten)

To Napkhururia King of Egypt, my brother, to say: Thus speaks Burnaburiash King of Babylon, your brother. I am well. To your country, your house, your women, your sons, your ministers, your horses, your chariots, many greetings. I and my brother have signed a treaty, and I spoke thus: Like our fathers, who were friends, we will be friends.

And now, my merchants who travelled with Ahutabu (Ahitov) delayed in Canaan for business. After Ahutabu set out on his way to my brother and in the town of Hanatun which is in Canaan Shumda (King Simon) Son of Baluma and Shutatna Son of Shartum from Akko sent their men there. They beat my merchants and stole their money. Ahutabu , whom I sent to you, is before you. Ask him and he will tell you. Canaan is your country and its kings are your slaves, in your country I was robbed. Bind them and return the money they robbed. And the men who murdered my slaves, kill them and avenge their blood. Because if you do not kill these men, they will again murder my caravans and even my ambassadors, and the ambassadors between us will cease. If this should happen the people of the land will leave you.

EA9; From Burnaburiash, king of Karaduniash (Babylon) to Napkhururia (Akhenaten)

To Naphkhururia, king of Egypt, thus speaks Burnaburiash, king of Karduniash, your brother: I am well. May the well-being reign over you, your house, your women, your children, your land, your great ones, your horses, your chariots.

When my father and your father had dealings in good friendship, they sent each other beautiful presents, and nothing they refused. Now, my brother has sent me only two mines of gold. But this is a very small amount: send, then, as much as your father did! And if you have little (gold), send half of what your father sent! Why have you sent me only two mines of gold? My work in the houses of the Gods is abundant, and now I have begun an undertaking: Send much gold! And you, whatever do you need from my land, write and it will be sent to you.

At the time of Kurigalzu, my father, the Kinahi (Canaanites) went to him in the following terms: the borders of the country… we want to pass to the other side, and join you.

My father gave them the following answer: Forget the idea of dealing with me! I will not declare myself against my brother, the king of Egypt, nor will I treat with someone else! Should I not rather plunder you? He is my ally.

My father committed no acts against your father.

Now (with respect to this): The Assyrians, vassals of mine, I have not sent to you, as they claim. Why have they been received in your land? If I am dear to you, do not let them conclude any business. May they return here with empty hands! As a gift, I send you three mines of beautiful lapis lazuli and five teams of horses for five wooden chariots.

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