Horus Khenty-khem

Hor-khenty-irty (Horus with two eyes on his brow)Hor-khenty-en-irty (Horus with no eyes on his brow)

Heru-ur (Horus the Elder, Haroeris) was worshiped as Khenty-khem (“foremost of khem”), the patron of the blind. When his “eyes” (the sun and the moon) were visible, he was known as Hor-Khenty-irty (“He who has two eyes on his brow”). But, when neither were visible he was known as Hor-khenty-en-irty (“He who has no eyes on his brow”). It was though that he was particularly dangerous when he was blind, damaging enemies and friends alike. This form of Horus was worshipped in Khem (Letopolis, Ausim) in Lower Egypt. He was sometimes depcited holding the two eyes of Horus (the sun and the moon) in his hands but often took the form of a mummified falcon.

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