Kuk at Deir el Medina (copyright S F E Cameron)
Kuk, Deir el Medina, SFE Cameron, via Wikimedia Commons
kkw (Kuk)

Kuk (Kek or Keku) was one of the eight primordial elements in the Ogdoad creation myth. He represented darkness in combination with his female aspect Kuaket (which is simply the female form of his name). As with the other three male elements, Kuk was depicted as a frog, or as a frog-headed man.

Kuk represented darkness, obscurity, and night. This darkness was the chaotic darkness which existed before the creation of the world. Although he was a god of the darkness, he was also associated with the dawn and given the epithet, the “bringer-in of the light”.

It is sometimes suggested that Kuk and Kauket were associated with Khnum, Satet, and Hapi of Abu (Elephantine). It is also suggested that he was also associated with Sobek.

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