Maps of Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt was divided into Ta Shemau (Upper Egypt) and Ta Mehu (Lower Egypt). Click on the hieroglyphs to see the maps of Upper and Lower Egypt along with a list of the gods, cities, and major temples associated with each nome (region).

Ta Shemau; Upper Egypt
Ta Shemau (Upper Egypt)
Ta Mehu; Lower Egypt
Ta Mehu (Lower Egypt)

Pyramid Maps

There were numerous pyramids built in ancient Egypt and they are spread over a number of sites. The maps below depict the main pyramid sites in ancient Egypt.


Map of the pyramids of Giza
  1. The Great Pyramid and Complex (Khufu)
  2. Khafre’s Pyramid Complex
  3. Menkaure’s Pyramid
  4. Great Sphinx and Sphinx temples

Click to view a map of Giza including the pyramids, temples, sphinx, and mastabas.


Abusir necropolis map
  1. Niuserre Sun Temple
  2. Userkaf Sun Temple
  3. Unfinished pyramid
  4. Pyramid comlex of Sahure
  5. Ptashepse mastaba
  6. Pyramid complex of Niuserre
  7. Pyramid complex of Neferirkare
  8. Pyramid of Khentkaus
  9. Pyramid of Neferefre
  10. Pyramid 24
  11. Pyramid 25
  12. Necropolis
  13. Shaft tomb


Map of pyramid and mastabas at Meidum
  1. Pyramid of Sneferu
  2. Satellite pyramid
  3. Mortuary temple
  4. M17: Mastaba of unknown noble
  5. M16: Mastaba of Nefermaat I
  6. M6: Mastaba of Rahotep

Abu Rawash

Map of Abu Rawash
  1. Pyramid of Djedefre
  2. Causeway
  3. Northwest cemetery (Wadi Quarum)
  4. Quarry
  5. Cemetery F
  6. Lepsius Number One

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