Merenre II

Merenre II (“beloved of Re”) Nemtyemsaf ruled Ancient Egypt during the sixth dynasty of the Old Kingdom. He was a son of Pepi II and (probably) Neith (daughter of Pepi I and Ankenesenpepi I). The Turin Canon credits him with a little over a year on the throne, and Manetho agrees.

It seems likely that he was a very old man when he became king, as his father had a very long reign. However, according to Herodotus, Merenre was murdered, forcing his queen, Nitocris, to take revenge before committing suicide. This story is not given much credence by modern experts.

Fragment of a false door with Merenre II's name, Nemtyemsaf, as sketched by Gustave Jéquier

His name appears on a damaged false door inscribed with Sa-nesu semsu Nemtyemsaf (“The elder king’s son Nemtyemsaf” – i.e. dating to the period before he became king) near the pyramid of Neith. His name as a king also appears on a decree protecting the cult of queens Ankhesenmerire and Neith, also from the pyramid complex of Neith in Southern Saqqara.

We know little else about this king. His pyramid, if one was even started for him, has not been found and we cannot be sure of his relationship to his successor.

Pharaoh’s Names

Manetho; Menthesupis

Nomen; nmty m sA=f (Nemtyemsaf) – Nemty Is His Protection

Nomen and Prenomen; mryn ra DfA m sAf (Merenre Djefaemsaf) – Beloved of Re, Djefa is his protection (Abydos kings list)

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