A king called Neferkare (Neferkara or Neferka “beautiful is the Ka of Re”) is recorded as a ruler during the second dynasty of Ancient Egypt in both the Saqqara Kings List and Turin list between Senedji and Neferkasoker, and he may be Manetho’s Nepherkheres who reigned for 25 years.

He may have been omitted from the Abydos kings list because he only ruled over Lower Egypt. However, the elements of his name are so common that it is also possible that a mistake was made by the scribes composing the kings lists. His Horus name has not been confirmed, causing some to conflate Neferkare with Sneferka who may have ruled at the end of the first dynasty. Unfortunately, there are no archaeological remains to confirm his rule.

Pharaoh’s Names

Manetho; Nepherkheres

Neferkare's Nomen 'Neferka'

Nomen; Neferkare from the Turin list and Saqqara Kings List

Neferkare's Nomen 'Neferka'

Nomen; Neferka

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