Seal impression with Neferkasokar' name (from a later period)

Neferkasokar (“beloved is the Ka of Sokar) may have ruled Ancient Egypt during the second dynasty (Early Dynastic Period). He is recorded in the Saqqara Kings List and the Turin list, but not in the Abydos kings list. However, there is some other evidence of his rule.

A cylinder seal (most likely from a later period) records his name and a demotic papyrus fragment (from the second century A.D) recording his construction of a temple in the Fayoum area, have been recovered.

The introduction to the “Book of the Temple” (a Late period papyrus giving detailed instructions for the construction of temples and the duties of priests) claims that the text is the copy of an original from the reign of Neferkasokar which was discovered by Prince Djedefhor of the fourth dynasty. However, we have no documents confirmed to be contemporary with his rule.

Pharaoh’s Names

Manetho; Sesochris

Nomen 'Neferkasokar' from the Turin list

Nomen; Neferkasokar (from the Turin list)

Nomen 'Neferkasokar' from the Saqqara list

Nomen; Neferkasokar (from the Saqqara Kings List)

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