Nubnefer (“beautiful gold”) may have ruled Ancient Egypt during the second dynasty (the Early Dynastic Period). He is only attested by a few fragments of pottery found in Djoser’s step pyramid which reference a building called “Menti-Ankh” (“Life may endure”).

Nubnefer's name on a fragment of pottery

This building was established during the reign of Nynetjer, the third of the second dynasty kings, so it is thought the reign of Nubnefer must also have been during the early part of the second dynasty.

His name does not appear on any of the kings lists, or any other documents or artefacts. This has prompted some Egyptologists to suggest that Nubnefer was not a distinct ruler but rather that the name Nubnefer is the Nomen (birth name) of Raneb.

Pharaoh’s Names

Manetho; Chaires (unconfirmed)

Nubnefer's Nebty 'Nubnefer'

Nebty; Nubnefer