Y; Writing, games and music

The hieroglyphs of ancient Egypt are often listed in groups of associated glyphs. The following hieroglyphs have been grouped according to the system established by Sir Alan Gardiner and are all depictions of items associated with writing, games and music.

Y1; closed scroll
Det and Log; book, write, writing, abstract ideas, to be large, to be new Abbr; sum Y2; open scroll
Det and Log; book, write, writing, abstract ideas, to be large, to be new Abbr; sum X2a; bread loaf and beer jug
Det; mortuary offering, foodY3; writing set
Det; writing implements Abbr; to write, writing Y4; writing set
Det; writing implements Abbr; to write, writing Y5; senet game
Phon; mn Y6; senet game piece
Det and Log; game piece Abbr; dancer Y7; harp
Det; harp Y8; sistrum
Phon; shm Det and Log; sistrum


Abb; the sign is an abbreviation of a word,
Det; the sign acts as a determinative (it has no phonetic value, but provids further information about the full word),
Log; the sign is a logogram (it represents an entire word or idea),
Phon; the sign has a phonetic value, and
Phon Det; the sign is a phonetic determinant (it acts as a determinative but also has a phonetic value).

A: Man and his occupations
B: Woman and her occupations
C: Anthropomorphic Deities
D: Parts of the body
E: Mammals
F: Parts of Mammals
G: Birds, 1
H: Parts of Birds
I: Amphibious Animals, Reptiles, etc.
K: Fishes and Parts of Fishes
L: Invertebrata and Lesser Animals
M: Trees and Plants
N: Sky, Earth, Water
O: Buildings and Parts of Buildings
P: Ships and Parts of Ships
Q: Domestic and Funerary Furniture
R: Temple Furniture and Sacret Emblems
S: Crowns, Dress, Staves, etc
T: Warfare, Hunting, Butchery
U: Agriculture, Crafts and Professions
V: Rope, Fibre, Baskets, Bags, etc.
W: Vessels of Stone and Earthenware
X: Loaves and Cakes
Y: Writing, Games, Music
Z: Strokes, Geometrical Figures, etc.
Aa: Unclassified

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